A Family Affair

When planning to update your home , what is the first thing you look for in a remodeling company? Experience. Well look no further. For more than 125 years, the Kirkner family has been serving Carroll and Howard Counties. Dating back to 1885 my great-grandfather Robert Kirkner started back in the home improvement industry with my grandfather Al Kirkner following close in his footsteps. Learning everything he could about the home improvement business before going out on his own with my father Rick Kirkner and my uncles to start Al Kirkner & Sons. Still in business to this day known as ABAR Homes , the Kirkner family has strong ties to the community and are always finding ways to give back. Growing up going to work with my father every day I didn’t have school, I knew I wanted to follow in my fathers foot steps and be just like him.So today I continue the family tradition as president and CEO of ABAR Home Improvements, a company focused on providing you with an honest and affordable way for your home improvement needs.

My son Tyler who is now 8 years old , goes to work with me every chance he gets and is determined to take over the business one day . We emphasize in solid family values and doing honest and quality work. My father passed those values on to me and now its my job to pass it on to Tyler.

– Brian Kirkner – CEO and Owner of ABAR Home Improvements