Replacing your siding on your home is now much easier as their is many different types to choose from and certainly one that will fit your style and color choice! We prefer to use The Foundry Siding company as they: Offer the best warranties in the business No other company can beat their color and style selection. Their siding provides the insulation you would want for your home.


Need Siding in Maryland?

No other siding creates this much beauty with so little maintenance. The Foundry succeeds as the most authentic siding because it’s painstakingly crafted using hundreds of cedar and stone molds. With The Foundry, your home’s handsomeness couldn’t be easier to enjoy. No scrubbing with harsh chemicals, rotting, termites, scraping, sanding or painting.


Defying weather & time

Foundry premium vinyl siding is designed to make you smile year after year, as long as you own your home. Its limited lifetime warranty and enhanced color protection mean your home’s charm can stand up to unrelenting sun, serious rainy seasons, frigid winters and blizzards. The Foundry is impact-resistant, carries the highest Class 1(A) fire resistance, and has a wind load exceeding 170 mph.

Show off uncommon style

No matter your home’s style, The Foundry lets you infuse standout color and texture, from rustic ruggedness to modern shake & shingle style,to casual Key West sophistication. We give you the luxury of choice,
including our exclusive Weathered Collection colors and six shake and shingle profiles.




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